In a Grad Dip?

A few years back I wrote a reflection, here’s an excerpt … explains a bit why new teachers drop out of teaching in first few years … next year the Grad Dip turns into a two-year Masters Degree.

a deputy principal … in a horribly doubtful voice quipped… “in a grad dip?”

When I told her that I had already studied all of this at uni.


Uni lecturers warned us that people would try to make us feel inferior but I didn’t believe it until I experienced it. I know that at least two physics teachers dropped out of teaching in their first year because of bullying.


Dystopia with an environmental focus: World Shaker and The Lorax study (Part 1)

Art activities: word wall. Handprints : the Earth is in your hands

I made blackboards to hang at the back of the classroom for illustrated quotes and word walls. I bought exercise books for students to use as journals that were kept in the classroom.

Encourage students to scribble down their ideas, do independent research and think deeply to form their own opinions – then, develop persuasive techniques.

dystopia thumbs up.JPG

Consumption was the subject of one lesson and developed arguments for and against technology using a thumbs up/thumbs down template.

“Show me you and the universe” is an activity from a book about teaching gifted children but it proves entertaining and insightful with students generally in English or Humanities.

Students work in small groups or pairs to devise a representation of themselves and the universe. They may choose to express their idea in any form: drama, text, drawing, spoken word … it is a lovely way to connect the personal to the big picture. Explore the connections between part and the whole, microcosms and macrocosms. Often their presentations are delightful and insightful.

Resource: “World Shaker” spelling list.