Dystopia unit : Study of World Shaker (Part 2)

Week 2: lesson goals focus on assessment task, illustration introducing novel, student quote

Student quote: Even if we give our opinion, nobody listens. What good does it do?

Content previewed by link study of “The Lorax” – watched movie and read book.

Incorporating homework into the illustration: research deforestation, find three facts and write them into your journal. Copy the illustration into your journal or create your own.


Grammar worksheet: Close reading of a paragraph from “World Shaker”(PDF, 66KB).

Students’ questions.

Week 3-4: Source questions from students on post-it stickies

After explicit instruction on definitions of dystopia and utopia, the social, political and technological changes wrought by the Industrial Revolution, source essential questions from the class. Collect post-its and read them out. Class votes for Best Question prize (bookmark) and the winner picks several others for prizes to celebrate success. The questions guide inquiry for the rest of the unit.

Society has always rejected new ideas and change – exploring novel characters

Worksheet: Cloze reading of passage from “The Blessed Unrest”, by Paul Hawken. (PDF, 37KB).