Etsy and the American Museum of Natural History join forces to bring you new designs with ancient inspiration

How wonderful!


It’s rare to get a peek at where artists get their inspiration. It’s not always easy to pin down, and it’s really easy to feel like a jerk for asking persistent questions about inspiration that may be unanswerable since it can come from any and everywhere.

Etsy recently invited some of their wholesale artists to the American Museum of Natural History and then sent them home to create an original line of products based on whatever inspiration they found. They teamed up with 22 different Etsy designers to create more than 140 items. It’s the first time Etsy has collaborated with any museum to create new products, and the results are a stunning collection of jewelry, decorations, and clothing currently available in the AMNH gift store. I was lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes look at the collection last week, talk to some of the artists, and see the inspiration…

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